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Making India Fit

Swami Vivekanand always believed that a great mind resides only in a strong body and greatness can only be achieved when these two work together. 

We believe in that too. We conduct  sessions that combine the teachings of our great ancestors and modern techniques that make fitness fun 

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Fitness = Joy

From metro cities to towns. we have been everywhere with our fitness sessions. Rajasthan, a state where fitness is never considered a priority, we conducted hundreds of sessions to make the people aware about what they missed by not choosing fitness.


The impact of these sessions is quite apparent today. Zumba and Bokwa have become household names and people have started to be aware about caring their body. 

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Our Fun Sessions

We have conducted Zumba. Bokwa and Aqua Zumba sessions around the whole country, to motivate people work towards their fitness. We didn’t stoped our fit india campaign here though.

A team led by NAYARA’s founder was given the ‘Wall of Fame’ award by the inventor of Bokwa in Chennai, India. Winning international recognition for fitness marks that our nation is growing towards fitness.

We wish to continue that and show the world that India can be the nation full of fit and hit people.

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A healthy mind and fit body is how you express your soul.