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Yoga In The Hills

Yoga day is officially celebrated in India on 21 June. On this great fitness day and to honor our ancient Yoga Sutras, we organized a trek on Bahubali hills on Udaipur, just the way rishis who refined and developed yoga use to do practice in the peace of hills.

Peace In The Lap Of Nature

Trekking was a part to get our body all moving and warmed up before yoga. we were a group of 20-30 people, we reach the top after an energetic trek, practiced yoga over there, felt the eternal peace and freshness running all through our body.

More Than Just Yoga

While we were heading to the top, we came across many litters and packets on the way. So, we took the responsibility and, on our journey, back to the bottom of the hill, we cleaned the hill to make it all natural and scrap-free.

How Contributions Helped Our Little Friends

The fund we collected from this session was later used to buy school bags for children who could not afford any such luxury, in a nutshell that hill yoga session was a pack of fitness, cleanliness and kindness. Hope to celebrate many more yoga diwas like this.

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