shared some memorable moments with the seniors

On the much hyped Valentine’s Day we decided to share the roses and love with our elders living in old age homes and hence we named as lets grow old together.

Making them feel special

According to an estimate, those 3.5 million elders who opt for old age homes face rejection by their own children, family disputes or due to lack of financial support or caretaker and this is a awe striking situation.

These conditions make them feel as if they are not important in this world now. But when we sat down with them on Valentine’s Day with roses in our hands for them, their shimmering eyes told a whole new story. 

Sharing the Joyous Moments

Have you ever witnessed a 68-year old person dancing to a retro song, a 70 year old lady let her feelings out by dancing on a song, or a despondent elder reading out loud his own poems ?

Yes we are those lucky people !!

There are many who fund these old age homes for their comfort and infrastructure but as the name suggests, Nayara, we find uniqueness in the goals we aspire. 

So, we decided to give the most precious gift to them, TIME. We spent hours listening to them, their stories, life lessons, songs, doing fun activities and inculcating the affinity of youth towards elders.


A little affection is all they need

Old age homes have elders who have been rejected by the society and even by their own families for them the amenities of life aren’t something that can bring a smile on their faces.

It’s a little affection. A moment of listening to their stories, can mean the whole world to them. So that’s what we at NAYARA tried to share with them and were fortunate enough to see their smiling faces. 

If you would like to share such joyous moments with our elders.

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