Ride For Revolution

A Thousand Mile Journey To Empower Lakhs Of Women Across India

The Free Flying Eagle

Shaken to the core by the infamous Priyanka Reddy Gangrape Case, our founder ‘The Free Flying Eagle’ Neetu Chopra decided to protest in her own way as ride for revolution.

She took a challenge to ride 4600 Kms from Kashmir to Kanyakumari solo. Every city she went to, she taught every girl every women, self defense. 

In 2020 Neetu became, first indian girl to ride on Activa from Kashmir to Kanyakumari 4600kms in 18 days under #Ride_for_Revolution with a motto “Ladkiyon ghar se Bahar niklo” campaign to protest against Priyanka Reddy’s Rape Case. 

As they say , The higher you wanna climb the deeper the valleys will be. Ride for revolution was a huge project and so were the challenges.

Arranging her ride vehicle an ‘Activa 125cc’ scooty and buying expensive Riding Safety Gear was beyond her financial reach.

But, Who became a record holder by being stopped by hurdles , she made tireless efforts and actually succeeded in finding contributors who eventually abled her to make this journey possible.

In her journey as an entrepreneur, she has once and again encountered women who had talent to outshine the diamonds but remained unseen in the boundaries of their houses. That is why she has decided to try and give these unheard ones, a voice. The world needs to see what these are capable of.

Grassroot Objectives 

Cover India’s whole North to South length from Kashmir to Kanyakumari estimated around 4600 Km, spreading her shoutout ‘Ladkiyon Ghar se Bahar Niklo’.

  • Teach Self Defense Techniques to girls and women in every city she visited.
  • Inspire them by presenting a true example of being fearless.
  • Making them believe that every dream is achievable once they choose to leave their society bound comfort zone.

'ladkiyo ghar se bahr niklo

With a shoutout of ‘लड़किओं घर से बहार निकलो’ Neetu motvated girls to break the boundations that society puts on them and live life fearlessly. 

Riding through 10 states, 48 cities and 100+ towns, Neetu motivated, empowered and trained lakhs of women to be the best version of themselves and make our nation proud.

Empower Women, Empower the World

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