Vegetarian Recipe Contest

On this World Vegetarian Day, we are coming up with ‘Vegetarian Recipe Contest’ aimed at promoting vegetarianism.

talent joined with hunger

we organised vegetarian recipe contest on 1 October which is known as world’s vegetarian day. Anyone from anywhere could be the part of this contest but in this covid time conducting such a contest was difficult and social media was the only option we had. With all the enthusiasm all our youth and even the elders showed their interest and participated in numbers.

our successful initiative

We found 111 such people who were willing to support this animal welfare and spreading awareness for vegetarian recipes.

People from around 16 states and 56 cities have participated in this from which there were 75% women, 18% males and 7% our little champs. Not even from India but a candidate from Ohio, USA have also participated.

From the participation of all these candidates we have got the donation of 11,350 which was used to help the needy people.

We would like extend a huge thanks to Mr. KK Gupta, who sponsored our event and made this happen.

We have decided to announce not just 3 but 10 winners and prize distribution has become possible just because of Mr. KK Gupta.

Our Winners

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