Youth Interaction Program

Empowering Youth to Fight the Cruelties of Life

In our country, every 40 seconds a person becomes so helpless, because of mental health issues , that he has to take his own life. Yes, you heard it right every 40 seconds !!!

Now why is this happening? 

Everyone of us, comes to a phase in life, when nothing works and we feel defeated. This feeling just keeps pulling a person down and down to a point that he commits suicide.

Now think, in those harsh times, if someone came and gave that person hope, told him that nothing is bigger than your own life. Wouldn’t  it save a man’s life? 

That is where we want to come in and empower our youth to fight every adversity with warrior spirit.  

What are we doing ?

YIPs (Youth Interaction Programs) conducted by NAYARA are based on the philosophy of 

‘संघर्ष’     ‘संवाद’     ‘रचना’

Our youth is struggling with problems, meaning ‘संघर्ष’. We want to give them the next step, ‘संवाद’. Giving them space to make free conversations and learn from change makers, will solve their problems.

This will empower them to fight every adversity and reach ‘रचना’ the stage of creativity, innovation and success. If our youth succeeds then no one can stop India from being a super power. 

How can we do it together ?

Our sessions incur costs at every level, right from the speakers to promotion. That’s where you can step in and help build our own nation. 

Your generous donations will allow us to help more and more young people in need. Your help and our efforts can one day make our nation the golden bird again.

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Why Youth Interaction Program? Have you heard of people suiciding? Do you know how many people suicideevery year? 800,000 people. …

Our Youth needs your help !