Women Empowerment

The Need

We are a country where goddesses are worshiped, but women are oppressed.  Every day every newspaper is filled with screams of terrified women who are abused, harassed and even killed.  Our society has tied our girls with a burden of illogical rules that force them to live everyday of their life with one fear or other.

You, We and the world has heard enough about the  inferior conditions of women in India.  Now it’s the time to change. 

Our programs aim at making every Indian woman, powerful beyond measure and fearless of all fears. We want to free every girl of those fears and let them fly in the sky of ambitions with their wings of passion.  

Women Empowerment Programs

Even Lord Hanuman couldn’t exercise his powers until he was made to remember them and embrace them.

Our women face the same issue, they are the real architects of the society but they just don’t realize it. A women has the power to create,nurture and transform. We just need to make her realize that how important she is in the society . 

Our sessions aim at motivating women to break through and be whatever they want to be. Because we believe that if women exercise their true powers, they can remake the world.

Ride For Revolution

A solo ride done by our founder, ‘The Free Flying Eagle’ Neetu Chopra. She traveled 4300 Kms alone on a Activa Scooty teaching self defense to women in every city,every town, she went to.

With a shoutout of ‘Ladkiyon Ghar se Bahar Niklo’, Neetu lit a fire in every girl’s heart to be fearless and break the illogical bars that society puts on them.

The ride has led Neetu to become a world record holder but her real joy lies in seeing the smiles of the empowered women.

Wonder Women

Stubborn Stories, an initiative by NAYARA (Nitanju Association of Young Artists and Recreational Activities) has been featuring those who stood up to painstaking challenges of life and faced them with unmatched stubbornness and audacious courage.

We have featured athletes, Bollywood celebrities , social media influencers, entrepreneurs, social activists and more on our platform.

We believe that Women’s Day only has a meaning, if the wonderful stories of Wonder Women are shared with the world.

The true honor for these Wonder Women will be when people are inspired by their journeys.

Nayara believes that Youth are the future leaders and harbingers of change. And who better than our own future leaders to tell the tales of these wonder women.


Menstruation, a simple body process that has become one of the biggest taboos of our society,is another evil that stops our girls from achieving every dream they have.

Padathon is a campaign focusing on awareness about menstrual health among both urban and rural women and to create employment opportunities for them.

This program is for every little girl who left school because she was humiliated for going through menstruation. We want to set that little girl free of these prejudices and let her change the world with her talent.

Empower a mother,a daughter, a sister above all a woman.