Giving Wings to हुनर

The biggest dilemma of our country is that we have loads of incredibly talented people but we only have a handful opportunities. This makes our population of artists directionless and always struggling. They neither have knowledge about the institutes that can train them and hone their talent and take them to a next level nor the finances to pursue further training.  

Hunarashala comes in right there. It is an initiative to give the talented artists a chance to be the best in what they do. At Hunarshala we provide artist with sponsorship and scholarships to help them pursue their dream . 

Those who believe in art support us and help us create the opportunities for these young talents, whose talent can shinier than diamonds and hard work deeper than oceans     

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Why Youth Interaction Program? Have you heard of people suiciding? Do you know how many people suicideevery year? 800,000 people. …

They deserve a chance to shine ! Give them the chance