Stubborn Stories

A मिशन to inspire, impact and change lives.

Stubborn Stories is an initiative by  NAYARA to inspire people in these harsh times. We feature unheard those of people who stood up to painstaking challenges of life and faced them with unmatched stubbornness and audacious courage. These people started with not even a single person behind their back and today they have fan armies filled with millions of people.

 In this CoVid -19 eclipse a lot of people left the hope of seeing a shining sun again. We want to give them that ray of hope with the stories of people whose life were always shadowed by darkness until they lit it up with their stubbornness. 

With interviews, articles and videos, we have been able to help lakhs of people regain their lost motivation, but with your help we can take that motivation to millions. So join hands with us and help those who are dejected by life. 

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