Our Team


Nayara was just an idea shared by our founders, Neetu Chopra and Vinay Vyas. An idea to create and organization that delivers to those in need. Since the day of it’s incorporation, number of people who believe in Nayara’s Vision have kept growing. Youth is Nayara’s and the nation’s biggest asset. We have young hard working, talented people who ready to make sacrifices to bring change and positivity in other’s lives.


Neetu Chopra

Born in a resolute patriarchal society, Neetu had to struggle for her freedom. Her mother, late Mrs. Anju Chopra, sowed the seeds of courage in her, which led her to fight the patriarchal cruelties and win over them with absolute resolve. At a young age, Neetu left her job as a Girl Cadet Instructor in NCC and moved to event management as an entrepreneurs. After leading the industry for many years, Neetu realised that there are problems in our society which needs to be addressed, to make our nation the great again. 

Around that time the infamous Priyanka Reddy Gang Rape Case happened and baffled Neetu. She was so shocked by the event that it took her time to come to terms after hearing about it. She decided to protest against it but in ‘Free Flying Eagle’s ways’. She did a solo ride on a Activa Scooty from Kashmir to Kanyakumari riding 4600 Kms teaching self defense to women. This journey has made her a world record holder.


Vinay Vyas

An engineering boy who starting supporting his family even before he came out of college, Vinay Vyas had seen what struggles mean in life at a very young age. After becoming a successful entrepreneur in the IT sector Vinay wanted to help people like him He was involved with various organizations, which worked towards various spheres of social upliftment and welfare

He always noticed that the organizations did a little and boasted a lot , so he wanted to create and organization who works in silence and their impact is what should speak. That’s how Nayara came into being,


Trupti Panchal

A social worker by training, Trupti has been working to fight violence against women for 25 years. Now an assistant professor at Tata Institut School of Social Sciences in Mumbai, Trupti is also Project Director of Resource Centre for Interventions on Violence Against Women (RCIVW) & Special Cell for Women & Children (Maharashtra). These special units for women give effective socio-legal services to women at risk and provide a multi-agency coordinated response to the issue of violence against women. The RCIVW works with stake holders on innovative and effective support models for women within these cells.Trupti is an expert in conducting training and action research on issues of violence against women, gender and sexuality, strategic planning and review and a number of other areas. Trupti has also recently completed research projects on the effective implementation of two laws fundamental to Vikalp’s work – the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 and the Protection of Domestic Violence Act 2005 in India.

Meena Samriya

A Programme Organiser in Mavli Block, Meena has been with Vikalp since the start of 2015. Before 2015 Meena was a field worker for local NGO Rajsamand Mahila Manch for 6 years, where she worked with issues surrounding gender/domestic violence, government schemes and child marriage. She came to work with Vikalp because she is passionate about stopping domestic violence, and believed that working at community level through Vikalp groups was an effective way of achieving that goal. She says that the work she does ending discrimination, connecting people with opportunities and education is hugely rewarding.

Ajeet Choudhary

Known around the office as Raja, Ajeet is Vikalp’s main office administrator, tech expert and general go-to guy: no job is too big or too small. Ajeet looks after all of Vikalp’s Hindi typing and general admin, keeping us all in line! Ajeet started officially working with Vikalp in 2014, but had been involved in the organisation as a volunteer for 2 years before that time.

Dinesh Bheel

Dinesh ensures everything around the office runs smoothly by looking after general office maintenance and providing assistance to the staff. His warm, enthusiastic demeanor and unrivalled chai-making ability helps the rest of the staff stay motivated and focused on the task at hand.