About Us

We are an association dedicated towards youth and social welfare. .

NAYARA's Journey

Our founders’ generous hearts are the reason why NAYARA came in to being. Neetu Chopra being a leading event manager, interacted with many artists and saw their struggles. She always wanted to do something for them and that’s how NAYARA’s artist purpose came in.

On the other hand, Vinay Vyas, our co-founder was the one who brought in the social welfare perspective. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Vinay was always linked to one foundation or the other.  He saw that other organization do little and boast a lot. That’s why he shaped NAYARA in a way that we do more than just talking.

That’s how NAYARA, an organization dedicated for young artists and social welfare was born. After that there was no looking back. 

The Years in Action

After the day, Nayara became functional it has not stopped ever since. We started out by helping struggling artists to find opportunities to shine. After that Nayara headed towards other concerns. In the past years, we have launched and successful managed numerous campaigns towards social cause. Be it women empowerment, Be it education or any other sphere, we were always ready to help.

We believe that sharing happiness is the only way to be happy. So, now we are hoping to share the happiness of sharing with you.

Our Plan

With every breath, Nayara just aims to help more and more people. Empowering women, motivating youth and spreading education are all just pillars towards the goal to make India, a nation where no child sleeps empty stomach.


Every penny of donation will end up changing someone’s life.

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Use your knowledge, skills and time to elevate some lives.