Our Strategies & Approach

Our Strategy

Nayara is an organization created of youth by youth for creating a social revolution. Nayara literally means unique and that is what our strategy is. We believe in creating unique projects which can drive our youth , our women with passion to achieve their dreams. Our projects like Gyanoday, Wonder Women are a testimony of Nayara’s unique ways of bringing young people forward and empowering them to empower our nation. 

Working for youth doesn’t mean that we don’t focus on making this society a better place for everyone. Be it women, children or elders , we love to help everyone. We think that empowering our youth is the best way of achieving that. Imparting them with values like leadership, honesty, courtesy will in turn help them be the individuals who will become harbingers of change in the coming future.

Our Approach

Crying over spilt milk isn’t the way forward. We all know that our nation has problems but rather then criticizing them let’s be the people who change them.